Published on 2008-05-20 10:01:00+00:00
Fun   Image   Python  

Occasionally, I need to crop some images. I suspect this happens to a lot of people, and they simply use their favorite photo editor to perform the task. For a few images, this works just fine. Plenty of people have Photoshop, the Gimp, or even iPhoto.

This past weekend, however, I found myself needing to crop about 1000 images, and I need to do it quickly. This was more than my machine could load into the Gimp at once. Even loading 100 at a time was a bit slow for me. So I set out to find some simple tool that would let me JUST crop images. I found a few nifty web-based tools ( and that would allow me to easily crop ONE image... but that's not really what I needed.

So, when I couldn't find what I needed, I wrote my own, and it's now available under the ~~GPLv3~~MIT License. If you find yourself needing to crop a large number of images, head on over to the ~~pyCropper page~~ github repo.