keywords, galore

I still tag each post with hopefully relevant keywords. How quaint, eh? You may view entries tagged with any of the following.

ack admin ai ajax americandream apache api apple applescript apps array arrayfield ascii attributes audio awesome aws backup barcampmemphis #bcmem beard beautifulsoup bikes blog bread channels chatgpt chef chosenjs cloudfiles comedy comic community computing conference cron curry cx_oracle daphne database date death descriptors developer development diet division django django_extensions django-redis-metrics djangorestframework donate driving editor email entrepreneurship environment exercise fabric family fiction fightthefuture filter fink fitness food ftpcloudfs fun functional fundraising games generators __gettattr__ girls git givecamp giving gmail graphviz grep hack hackmemphis hardware health hg homebrew html humanity image inboxzero industry ios iphone isocalendar itunes javascript jquery lambda law lhrl linux lookups mac mailbox managers map marathon math meme memphis memtech mercurial meta metrics mixins mobile mock models morphology music mysql networking node node_modules nonprofits numpy nutrition opencv opengl opensource orm os osx pandoc patents pdf personal php physics pil postgres postgresql process professional programming properties prototype pyarkansas pygame pyglet python rackspace range react redis restframework review robots running safari sitesprint skills skitch sms sns software spam startups stevejobs stjude strings technology testing texting the thinkdifferent tools trails tutorial ubuntu ultra unicode unix vagrant vi video vim virtualbox virtualenv vision web whoe30 whole30 wifi wired word workflow x year end zero zip zombies