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Published: 2011-12-22

PostgreSQL 9.1.2 via homebrew on OS X 10.7.2

django homebrew osx postgresql python

I just picked up a snazzy new Macbook Air, and I'm working on setting up my development environment(s). For the most part this has been fairly easy. I pull in my repos from github and bitbucket, and I use virtualenv and pip to organize all my python packages (mostly installing from requirements files). Most of the other command-line tools get intalled with homebrew, and this time around I decided to install PostgreSQL with homebrew. I didn't keep ...

Published: 2011-10-06

Think Different.

americandream apple death osx stevejobs thinkdifferent

There's a lot of buzz on the net about Steve Job's death, and rightly so. For those of us that work in or around the tech world, he was a giant. I fully attribute his company's products (the iPhone and the iPad) to what I like to think of as a renaissance in computing. These devices have changed the way we think about computers, the web, and what software can be—mobile & fully integrated into our ...