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Published: 2015-08-30

Webucator: zip, map, and lambda

lambda map programming python tutorial zip

Recently, the folks from Webucator, who have a series of python tutorials got in touch with me about one of my blog posts: Python's zip, map, and lambda. They wanted to turn that article into a tutorial video. I thought that sounded like a pretty cool idea, so if you're into video tutorials, give this a view. And check out some of their other tutorials as well.

Published: 2013-12-29

The little things

generators lambda map python

I ran across an interesting line of code today, and thought I'd share some insights. First, though we need a little context. Imagine reading several lines of data from a csv file (using python's built-in csv module). You'll typically have some code that looks something like this: import csv with open('data.csv', 'rb') as csvfile: reader = csv.reader(csvfile) for row in reader: # Do some stuff with each row, # where the row is a list of ...

Published: 2013-04-01

Python's zip, map, and lambda

lambda map python zip

Many novice programmers (and even experienced programmers who are new to python) often get confused when they first see zip, map, and lambda. This post will provide a simple scenario that (hopefully) clarifies how these tools can be used. To start, assume that you've got two collections of values and you need to keep the largest (or smallest) from each. These could be metrics from two different systems, stock quotes from two different services, or just about anything. For ...