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Published: 2008-06-17

Lions, Tigers, and Web Development Frameworks, oh my!

Javascript Programming Python php web

Apparently I've stumbled upon a problem that has recently faced many web developers. That is, I would like to adopt an open-source web development framework for mid-sized project. Well... searching that phrase only yields 200,000+ results. So how does one choose?I guess Ruby on Rails sparked the whole "Web Development Framework" movement (among other things). I've typically used PHP for my web-based projects in the past, but over the last 2 years, I've also become ...

Published: 2007-01-05

Migrating PHP scripts to MySQL from PostgreSQL

Programming mysql php postgresql

I've recently had to work on a project where I needed toconvert some very basic PHP code thataccessed a postgresqldatabase so that it would work with mysql. For the most part, this has beenfairly simple thanks to rpl. Many of PHP'sdatabase functions have very similar names, so I simply use rpl toconvert the existing code. Here's a simple bashscript that I put together to convert some of my postgresqlfunctions to mysql: #!/bin/bash if [ ! -n "$1" ] then ...