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Published: 2012-09-20

A Vision of the Future

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The year is 2213. The US has extended the term for patents from 20 to 100 years, and passed legislation granting greater powers to patent holders. Additionally, the richest nations of the world have organized the The World Patent Protection Agency (or WPPA). The WPPA consists of a judicial committee that has far-reaching powers to protect patents across national borders. This is accomplished through the levying of hefty fines and possible embargoes for nations that do not comply with their ...

Published: 2012-08-27

A scenario for the future.

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Just jotting down a thought I had during my commute this morning... A large, multi-national corporation essentially has a monopoly on the seeds of a plant that's used as the world's major food source. It just so happens that they've also got a patent on a genetically modified version of this seed, which is the version of the seed that gets distributed to farmers.The corporation can detect their patented genes in any of the food grown ...