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Published: 2009-03-25

Public Keys don't like write access!

Backup Linux

The first part of my Automatic Backups with cron, tar, and SSH details how to set up remote login (sans passwords) using RSA public key.Apparently this doesn't work if your home directory allows groups or others write access. So if used ssh-keygen -t rsa to generate a public key which you added to a remote host (under .ssh/authorized_keys), but ssh is still prompting you for a password, try setting your home directory's permissions to something like ...

Published: 2007-01-10

Automatic Backups with cron, tar, and SSH

Backup Linux OS X

Everyone knows that backups are important, but how many of us regularly back up our own websites, blogs, or whatever? Well, I've put together a relatively simple way for my Mac to log into my Linux-based webserver, archive some content, and download it for me. All of this is done Automatically, too!The first thing I had to do, was set up my home machine (a Mac, but any Unix-based system should work, too) so that it could log ...

Published: 2006-10-23

Flu + HDD crash

Backup OS X

If having the flu wasn't bad enough, I've also had the hard drive in my Mac mini crash... well, not crash exactly, it's just the drive has A Bad Super block, which is enough for tools like Disk Utility and fsck to be useless. Apparently there's a product called Disk Warrior that could do the trick... I may have to try it out.The real tragedy here, though, is that of course, there's data on ...