Flu + HDD crash

Published on 2006-10-23 21:24:00+00:00
Backup   OS   X  

If having the flu wasn't bad enough, I've also had the hard drive in my Mac mini crash... well, not crash exactly, it's just the drive has A Bad Super block, which is enough for tools like Disk Utility and fsck to be useless. Apparently there's a product called Disk Warrior that could do the trick... I may have to try it out.The real tragedy here, though, is that of course, there's data on the mini that I NEED! Oh, I've got somewhat of a backup, but by no means a complete one (Yes, I should know better)! The problem with backups (other than there's not real good automatic, easy-to-use, affordable software) is that users--me, in particular--soon outgrow the backup medium! I've got an external drive that was supposed to be the backup, but with home movies, music, pictues, etc... it turned into primary storage just for lack of space. Of course, I'm slapping myself for not picking up some 500Gb drive to use as backup as my needs grew, but how long before that becomes the primary storage! How many home users need something better? I wonder if Time Machine will handle something like a hard drive failure... Meanwhile, I need to figure out how to recover my stuff, AND pick up a new drive