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Published: 2017-02-12

The Blue Collar Programmer

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There's a recent Wired article that's been floating around the web that asks if computer programming is the next big thing in blue collar work. I find this article interesting, because I've long though about computer programming a skilled trade. In one sense, it's not unlike being a plumber or and electician, both of which can provide very decent, middle-class salaries. In fact, thinking of tech jobs in this manner is nothing new! In the '90s ...

Published: 2014-12-01


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This is a bit of rant. I'm currently checking (triaging, really) my email, and I've decided to click all the unsubscribe links in the marketing emails. The thing is, I've already done this. Many times. For many of these, I've just started reporting them as spam. I'm sorry, but if you ignore the fact that I've unsubscribed from your email, I'm calling you a spammer. Of course, about half the time I'm ...