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Published: 2012-03-10

Running with Zombies.

fun iphone running zombies

I picked up the Zombies, Run! app today, and I'm pretty excited about it. If you haven't heard about it, check out their video: I've only had one run with the game, but the story felt very well-done, and I really like how they've added an extra element of fun to my run. Of course, I'm a fan of all things "Zombie Apocalypse". If you do pick up a copy, spend some time setting up ...

Published: 2008-09-23

hack your iphone earbuds...

Fun Hack Hardware iPhone

I've been complaining (inwardly) about my iPhone's earbuds since I first tried them on. Who knew it was so easy to just hack them!iPhone / iPod Touch Headphone / Earbud Replacement

Published: 2007-07-13

Building Apps for the iPhone

iPhone web

So there was this little get-together called iPhoneDevCamp last weekend (July 6-8, 2007), and since I'm just over 2000 miles from San Francisco, I missed out. However, in just under a week, there seems to have been a flood of great iPhone applications. To find out what I mean, just check out a google search, OR, head right on over to the iPhone Application List.So, in such a short time since the iPhone's release, how have so ...

Published: 2007-07-04

My wife bought 2 iPhones!!!


I think I'm still in shock. Yesterday, I got a call from my wife. She simply said, "We both have iPhones! I got you the 8Gb model, and I got the 4Gb model..." Yeah... I'm still in shock.So, over the next few days, I've decided to blog about my iPhone fun. First, I'll start with some pictures!So, here we have the iPhone with it's box, and all of the stuff that was include ...

Published: 2007-07-04

Using (and Abusing) the iPhone


OK... so for part 2 of my iPhone saga:We went to visit some family today, and of course I took my iPhone. For the most part, I've really tested out the camera today. I'm no guru, but I'm very happy with how quickly the iPhone takes pictures. Since my girls are now 4 and 2, this is a very important feature!! I've also got an HP Photosmart M527, and my non-scientific opinion is that the ...