Running with Zombies.

Published on March 10, 2012, 9:43 p.m.

I picked up the Zombies, Run! app today, and I'm pretty excited about it. If you haven't heard about it, check out their video:

I've only had one run with the game, but the story felt very well-done, and I really like how they've added an extra element of fun to my run. Of course, I'm a fan of all things "Zombie Apocalypse".

If you do pick up a copy, spend some time setting up a decent play list. The story unfolds in small bits of dialog, but then launches into your own music. You'll hear a bit more of the story between each song.

I'm pretty happy about my playlist, even though I only got through the first 17 songs today. Here it is:

Zombies, Run! Playlist (22 Songs, 1.3 hours)
Song Artist Time (seconds)
Micro Cuts Muse 218
Them Bones Alice in Chains 149
Name of the Game The Crystal Method 255
Rebirth Boy Hits Car 242
Still Running Chevelle 223
Unreal Tournament - Go Down Epic Games 178
Bloody Cape Deftones 217
Excessive Reaction Nonpoint 171
Cotopaxi The Mars Volta 218
Unreal - Isotoxin Epic Games 246
Darkening Days Switched 219
Licking Cream Sevendust 197
Insatiable Helmet 154
Closer To The Edge 30 Seconds To Mars 273
Temptation VAST 189
Jesus Or A Gun Fuel 238
Endure Nonpoint 178
We've Had Enough Alkaline Trio 168
Crawl Staind 269
Jambi Tool 448
Until The End [Explicit] Breaking Benjamin 252
Maybe Faktion 296


  • Missions don't auto-progress. After you finish a mission, the app enters "radio mode". This means it plays music interspersed with dialog. I like this mode, but I wish I had a way to tell the game to just move to the next mission once I finished on. I mean, I did an 8 mile run, and I only completed two missions! :-(
  • The audio mix is buggy. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but during the second mission, the audio started acting funny. I could hear the dialog just fine, but once a song started playing, the audio was really suppressed until I picked up some supplies. At that point, my music played at a normal volume. This was really annoying because I either had to fumble with the volume on my phone or go halfway through a song without being able to hear.


I like the game. It's a neat idea, and I'm pretty curious to see how it unfolds. I'd already been running, but this will definitely make me look forward to that next run just a bit more. If you don't run, it could still be a fun game. Got for a 15 minute walk and give it a try :)


You can export a playlist in iTunes. Just right-click on the playlist, then choose Export and save it in a plain text file. You get lots of information about each song, but I pulled out the bits I wanted with this awk command:

awk -F\t '{print $1, " --- " $2, " --- ", $8 }' Zombies.txt

Also, here's a map of my run.

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