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Published: 2016-05-21

Help me support St Jude

fundraising marathon running stjude

If you've known me for a while, you might know that I'm a runner. Since I live in (near) Memphis, TN it's hard not to get excited about the St Jude Memphis Marathon. Surprisingly, this will only be my second marathon, and this year I've decided to run the race as a St. Jude Hero. What's a St. Jude Hero? Well, I've pledged to raise at least $1500 in donations for St. Jude, and ...

Published: 2016-03-11

50 miles

lhrl running ultra

Saturday, March 5, 2016. I woke up around 4:30am, and we drove out into the middle of nowhere in southern Mississippi. We arrived around 5:30am, and people were already lining up for the 6:00am start. It was 40°F, but the high for the day was supposed to hit the low-mid 70's. This was the Mississippi Trails 50. I'd run my first 50k in mid-January, but this was my first attempt at a 50-miler—a staple ...

Published: 2014-10-18

Running Miles, Curing Cancer

donate running stjude

Yesterday, I decided (mostly on a whim) to run the St Jude Memphis Marathon. It's a race supporting St. Jude Children's research hospital which provides treatment and research for major childhood illnesses such as Cancer and leukemia. The really cool thing about St Jude is that they provide treatment that is 100% free of charge to the families that suffer through these diseases. From their website, "Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing ...

Published: 2014-02-16

Wrapping up the WORS with a 10k at Shelby Farms

running trails

Today marks the end of the 2014 Winter Off Road Race Series. The race was a 10K at Shelby Farms, and, while I've run this distance several times in the past, I think this particular race might have been my best (just over 51 minutes). It helps when you're having fun ;) Prior to signing up for this series, I'd know about MRTC, but I'd never participated in any of their smaller events (and the 2012 St ...

Published: 2014-02-12

WORS 8K+ at Stanky Creek

running trails

Sunday afternoon was the WORS 8K at Stanky Creek. I'd already spent most of the weekend working at GiveCamp Memphis, so I really didn't know how well I'd fare during this race. Turns out, it's possible to run an 8K quite well with very little sleep! I felt pretty good for most of the race. The weather was cool (36F) and the trails were soppy, muddy, and slippery. There's really not much else to say ...

Published: 2014-01-27

WORS 5k at Stanky Creek

running trails

Yesterday I ran the 5k portion of the winter off-road race series. It was at Stanky Creek (aka Nesbit Park), which is one of my favorite local trail-running locations. As expected, the pace for this race was a bit slower than the 3k, and I had a good time running this one. Apparently, I'm going to keep writing about this WORS experience, so here's some thoughts about race number two: wow. There were a lot of people. I ...

Published: 2014-01-05

WORS 3k in the bag


Today, I completed my second-ever organized race. It was the Winter Off Road Race Series 3k in Overton Park. The weather was pretty amazing (34ºF and raining), but I dressed for it and had a great time. Being only my second race, there's a few things that I thought were interesting about this particular race. Lots of kids! I was somewhat amazed at the number of kids that ran this race; many of them probably around 10-12 years old ...

Published: 2013-05-09

String Theory

fun physics running strings

I'm not a physicist, but I've got some views on string theory that I'd like to share. Here goes: Brad's String Theory: Axiom I While in motion, strings will become untied, regardless of advanced techniques employed to fasten them. Brad's String Theory: Axiom II When at rest (i.e. upon completion of aforementioned motion), strings will be resistant to any attempt at unfastening. These statements are, to best of my knowledge, universally true, based on ...

Published: 2012-03-10

Running with Zombies.

fun iphone running zombies

I picked up the Zombies, Run! app today, and I'm pretty excited about it. If you haven't heard about it, check out their video: I've only had one run with the game, but the story felt very well-done, and I really like how they've added an extra element of fun to my run. Of course, I'm a fan of all things "Zombie Apocalypse". If you do pick up a copy, spend some time setting up ...