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Published: 2008-11-09

BarCampMemphis, the Day After

#bcmem BarCampMemphis django

I think everyone is in agreement: BarCampMemphis was a tremendous success! I want to personally thank everyone who came to my Zero-to-Wiki in 30 minutes with Django session, and I also want to remind everyone that the Presentation and the code is freely available!There were many great sessions available throughout the day, but I want to list the ones I got to attend... all of which were just excellent:Dave Barger's LinkedIn tipsWill Murphy's insights on what ...

Published: 2008-10-22

A topic for BarCampMemphis

#bcmem BarCampMemphis Python django

I've recently watched the What is BarCamp video, and I've been thinking about a Django-related topic. I'm sure there are plenty of web developers out there looking for a better way...Now, I've only been using Django for about 5 months, but I'm pretty sure I could give any interested kindred souls a good jump-start. And so that's what I'd like to do... show by example.The Example? Why not a wiki... It ...

Published: 2008-09-05

Looking Forward to BarCampMemphis

#bcmem BarCampMemphis

BarCamp is coming to Memphis!A project of LauchMemphis, this is yet another event focused on growing the local tech industry. It follows the successful Memphis Startup Weekend (which resulted in Spynnr).The theme of BarCampMemphis is FLUX: Your Paradigm, and from the About BarCampMemphis page: In a constantly shifting environment, what do you do? Entreprenuers and businesses are constantly trying to walk the line between chaos and control, between the cutting edge and solid ground. Things are in FLUX ...