Adventures in Bread-Baking: Part 1

Published on 2010-01-23 09:57:00+00:00
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Last weekend I attempted to make Mark Bittman's Speedy No-Knead Bread... sort of. Being the adventurous experimenter that I am, I altered the ingredients:

I followed the rest of the recipe perfectly. However, the results were really unsatisfactory. The center was super dense and gooey, and the bread had a really really hard crust (ok, I also cooked it an extra 30 minutes because of the gooey center).

I didn't take any pictures, because the results were so embarrassing.

Here's what I learned: Bread Flour != All Purpose Flour (for the non-programmer, that means they are NOT the same thing!)

Fortunately, there are several articles online that expound on the differences between bread flour and all-purpose flour.

The secret is wheat gluten (or gluten additive). Essentially, you must add 1tsp to each cup of all-purpose flour to create bread flour. Unfortunately, this is not something I keep. So part 2 will have to wait until I go shopping...