Games for Kids: dodger

Published on 2008-07-11 11:09:00+00:00
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I've always thought it would be fun to build video games, and when my daughters were born, I knew I would eventually want to build some simple games that they could enjoy while they're young. My original attempt at this lead me to pygame, and the result was a simple alphabet/number game that plopped letters and numbers on the screen (very similar to AlphaBaby, but not nearly as good!). Unfortunately, I never continued to develop that one.

Since my oldest daughter (who is now 5) has recently discovered GCompris, I thought I'd give the game-writing another chance. This has resulted in dodger, which is also my first attempt at using pyglet. I know it can't compete with GCompris, but hopefully my daughter will like it.

I've released it under a CC license, so feel free to grab a copy, play it, use it, learn from it or whatever... Enjoy.