Google Knows Me!!

Published on 2006-06-07 21:37:00+00:00
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Yesterday I discovered that Google knows who I am! This is surprising to me since, for several years, this site has never been displayed when searching for Brad Montgomery! I have a Page Rank of 2! Apparently, I'm currently the 3rd most popular Brad Montgomery, right after Brad Montgomery - The motivational Speaker and his blog (Both have a Page Rank of 4), and Brad Montgomery - The Actor. Surprisingly enough, Brad Montgomery - The Actor, only has a Page Rank of 1 (according to Ran Aroussi's Page Rank Widget) but his site is listed before mine!

So, why my sudden popularity with Google? Who knows. Perhaps Google likes bloggers, and anything that looks like a blog gets ranked higher. So, due to my recent forays into the blogosphere, Google suddenly likes me. (Don't worry, see my 2006.05.25 post). It could also be that some of my clients (and of course my wife) link back to my page. I'm sure that helps.