iPhone Disappointments

Published on 2007-07-08 20:46:00+00:00

Updated on 2007-07-10
(I forgot a couple of things, so I'm adding them below as numbers 1 & 2) Part 3 of my iPhone saga (Part 1 and Part 2)
After using the iPhone for a little less than a week, I do have a few disappointments. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's an incredibly cool device. Like my wife said, "It's the greatest thing since sliced bread."

I share some of my disappointments with Terry White, who gives a fairly objective review of the iPhone in general.

So to cut to the chase, here they are:

  1. Limited Tilt... I've found that it's easiest to type on the iPhone when I tilt it sideways (in landscape) However, the app that I type most in (Mail) doesn't let you do this!! In fact, only Safari, Photos, and iPod take advantage of the iPhones accelerometer. Mail, SMS, Google Maps, and Notes (all apps that may require extensive "typing") don't! Hopefully a software update will fix this!

  2. Where are the games!? I have to admit that I've already had a few neat ideas for games on the iPhone. Surprisingly, it doesn't come with ANY bundled games. The folks who put on the iPhoneDevCamp may have had some interesting browser-based games, but there's still a lot more you could do with a local app. Only time will tell what will happen for those interested in 3rd party development for the iPhone.

  3. Fingerprints!: I'll admit, I'm OC when it comes to fingerprints on my monitor/TV/display, so I'm constantly wiping the iPhone on my shirt.

  4. EDGE: OK, nothing wrong with the iPhone itself... the EDGE network (AT&T's data network) is just too slow.

  5. Ringtones: All that music, and you can't use your tunes as a ringtone!

  6. No Video! - While most cell phones give you poor quality video, at least they give you the option to capture video! Not so with the iPhone (yet, I hope)

  7. Safari/Google Maps Crash!: This one was a big surprise to me! Safari seems to crash a LOT for me. In fact, I tried to post a blog yesterday, and halfway through writing it on the iPhone, Safari just disappeared. When I started Safari again, I was greeted with the site I'd previously viewed (http://slashdot.org/palm).
    Apparently several others have experienced this, and the solution (which I found on Apple's Discussion Boards, is to simply reboot the phone. I'm confident that this issue will be fixed with an update in the future.

  8. Bluetooth headset support: I've got a Jabra BT 350 headset, which the iPhone regonised and paired with perfectly. However, sometimes when I talk on the iPhone, it doesn't give me the option to switch the Audio to the headset.

  9. It Locked up!: Ok, so yesterday, my iPhone completely locked up. Well, the touch screen wouldn't work, with is fairly devastating for the iPhone. I hadn't reset it since I'd activated it, and even when I tried to power it off... I couldn't move the slider to verify that I wanted it powered off! After a Reset, though, it seems to be working perfectly.

Overall, I'm still happy. Personally, I think the large screen is what makes the iPhone so cool. I really like my music, but I've been more than happy with my iPod nano for that... it's the iPhones integration with iPhoto that takes the cake for me. I've probably found myself looking a pictures of my daughters and my wife more than anything, and having the 2 megapixel camera rocks! The email/web/phone just happens to seal the deal for me.So, baby... Again, THANK YOU!