My Wife's New Laptop

Published on 2006-12-23 21:18:00+00:00

Well, the semester has ended, so I've been working from home (trying to catch up on all of the "extra work", and, while out to the gym, My wife gives me a call and starts asking about laptop specs!? It turns out she's got her eye on a nice little bundle at Radio Shack!

It seems they had an HP Pavilion dv2000 notebook (Turion 64 - 2Ghz/512Mb Ram/100Gb HD/nvidia Geforce go 6150) with a bundled 6.0 megapixel digital camera, and a printer/scanner/copier for less than $1000! So, she makes a purchase, and the notebook is a surprisingly nice little machine. It's a little lacking on Memory, but luckily, it seems NewEgg has just what we need to fix that. I'm particularly impressed with the graphics capabilities of this machine (which are usually lacking in notebooks).

So, while looking around for something to test its capabilities, I ran across the War Rock demo. I thought I'd just try it out, and it plays quite nicely. Hopefully, a memory upgrade will provide even greater performance, though. Perhaps one of the best features of this notebook is its display - a widescreen 14 inch, which runs at 1280x800 by default. Despite the relatively small size, it offers a very nice view for a laptop computer. Overall, I'm quite proud of my wife's purchase, and I've probably used it more than she has!