planning julython

Published on 2012-07-02 02:36:24+00:00

A few days ago I saw @jtauber tweet something about julython. Essentially it's a game that encourages you give a pet python project a little extra love during the month of July.

For me (and probably several others), this is a little push to spend some time on projects that otherwise get neglected because there are more pressing things to do. So, without further ado, here's what I'd like to accomplish this month (in order of importance!):

  1. python-github3: I ran across this a couple of weeks ago (yeah, I got bit by not keeping up with the news regarding v2 of the github api) and I offered to add support for events (Issue #15). So that's what I'm doing first.

  2. django-coffers: I keep up with my finances in spreadsheet that's modeled after a checkbook register, and every time time I open it a little piece of me dies. Granted, I'm a little OCD about tracking my spending, and I've long wanted to build a web app that makes this easier to do. Around December 2010, I started working on a django app and had even planned to turn it into a public service (, but got sidetracked by an even cooler idea. A lot of the intial work is done, so I'm going to bring it up to date and open-source it. Then I'm going to doogfood the crap out of it so I can bury the spreadsheet once and for all!

  3. elasticdict: I don't really even know where this came from, but one day I thought, "What if a python dict pushed it's data out to elasticsearch?" So, I started hacking that together, but didn't really get very far. I'd like to play with this a bit more and see what happens. I don't really have a use case for this, and I think it only makes sense for a small subset of features offered by elasticsearch, but I'll play with it untill my curiosity is sated (or until it explodes).

In addition, I'd like to get some of my local friends to join me, and see if we can help Memphis, TN get some sort of showing on the leaderboard. There's a rather small group of pythonistas in the area, but I think we can do enough to get noticed ;)

UPDATE: Out of the blue I needed to use an older project of mine (image-crawler), so I've decided to give it an update as well. These changes will involve PEP8 improvements and the use of requests. These will be some quick fixes, so I've decided to do them first!