PyGraphviz on OS X (SL) with virtualenv

Published on July 14, 2010, 5:14 p.m.

graphviz mac os python virtualenv x

There's this cool project called django-extensions that (among other things) adds a lot of commands to django's offerings. One of which is ./ graph_models [appname] which will generate a nice graph displaying the relationships among all of your Models. This comand needs pyGraphViz, though, and I was a little disappointed when i discovered I couldn't install pyGraphViz with pip install pygraphviz. (ok, a lot disappointed).

I eventually got this working, and here's how:

That's it! This installed pygraphviz in my activated virtualenv, and I can now use ./ graph_models to my heart's desire.

I should mention that I'm using distribute (and it may be safe to assume that if you're using virtualenv, you're probably also using distribute).
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