A reasonable number of bikes

Published on May 6, 2019, 4:47 p.m.

If you know me in person, then it's possible that you know I have a thing about cycling. And bikes. And shame on me for not writing about this stuff here. Anyway, a recent conversation among friends led me to thinking about the question: What is a reasonable number of bikes?

You see, among cyclists, there's the N+1 debate. (it's not really a debate, you need N+1 bikes)

Anyway, when confronted with the question, here's my answer to this pressing question:

  1. A road bike: In case you need to ride on the road.
  2. A hard-tail mountain bike: For riding easy trails.
  3. A full-suspension mountain bike: For proper mountain biking.
  4. A commuter bike: because it's good for the environment.
  5. A classic road bike: because steel is real.
  6. A cruiser bike: For lazy days on shared-use paths/trails.
  7. A tandem: because sometimes you need to take a friend out for a ride.
  8. A gravel bike or cyclocross bike: Because these are things you should do.
  9. One or two of the above for each child, spouse, or significant other.

Honorable mentions:

  • an e-bike. maybe a cargo bike. Maybe a cargo e-bike. For proper transportation & moving things around.
  • a BMX bike. That'd be pretty sweet.
  • any sort of single-speed and/or fixed gear bike. Some people are into that.

Thoughts? Suggestions? What bikes do you own or strive to own? Let me know :)

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