Roll your own!

Published on 2006-07-14 21:34:00+00:00

With all the good FOSS CMS software out there (like Drupal and WordPress), I sometimes wonder why I take the time to "roll my own"...

For all of you that subscribe to the feed (what, like 0), you might have noticed that it hasn't been updated lately. That's because I wrote some stuff to put by blogs in a database (PostgreSQL! - overkill is good!), but I'm just now finishing it so that the feed gets updated.

So, back to those CMS's... they all use PHP+MySQL, which is a good combination, but they're WAY more than I need! (Disregard the postgresql comment). Is there a CMS/Blog system that's easy to install, has a simple back-end, and is geared to an individual? Is anybody using SQLite to run their blog?

Maybe I should clean up my code and open it up. Any takers?