Published on 2006-06-12 21:36:00+00:00

I imagine that anybody who actually likes programming is familiar with the many popular scripting languages in use today. Of course, a lot of web devs and sysadmins have been using languages like php, perl, and python for ages, but if you read any tech news (like /.), you'll know that the newest craze is ruby. I've played with it a little, and I can actually see what the hype is all about... It's a neat language, and it has a lot to offer.Though, as much as I've been wanting to really get my hands dirtly with ruby, I've recently been involved with a project that is heavily dependent on tcl, and I have to admit... I'm beginning to really like it. Oh, it's syntax takes a little getting used to, but I think it's the simplicity of the language itself that I like. If you've been using any of the above languages, I'm fairly sure that you might have worked for a few days (or weeks) to get really comfortable, but it just seems like tcl is small enough to wrap your brain around in about a day, and be fairly productive... Now, I haven't gotten into tk, but I'm sure I'll be looking into that soon. Of course, take this for what it's worth.I've always liked awk.