The Mintbook Air

Published on 2023-12-29 21:40:47.166432+00:00
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About a month ago, I was cleaning out some old computer bins, and I stumbled across an old (2012) MacBook Air. I started to chunk it in the trash (i mean, figure out how to recylce it responsibly), but I opened the thing up and remembered just how a nice a form-factor the early Air's were. I mean that keyboard... it's way nicer the what we have now.

This is my story.

The hardware

The OS

I decided to install Linux Mint, well because I heard it was nice. I put the installation media on a USB drive and honestly, this was so stupidly easy I don't even remember it. I just followed all the default recommendations.

The Takeaway

I realize I'm using a 12-year-old piece of computing hardware. My expectations aren't exactly high, but this has been an interesting experiment in trying to revive an old piece of hardware.

The good

The bad

Final thoughts

This thing basically feels like an under-powered Chromebook (but with firefox). It's perfectly fine for doing work on the command line. Gvim works fine on medium-sized projects, but for any sort of heavy web-browsing it just doesn't work.

Even after following a number of steps from this post on improving Mint's performance, it's still not a great experience. I'll probably keep this for a while for light personal projects. I don't think I could use this machine for real work. I need too many browser tabs for that.