Published on 2006-10-15 21:25:00+00:00
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Well, I finally bought an Indie Game License for the Torque Game Engine. Like many young men over the past decade or so, I got into Computer Science thinking I'd like to create video games. Maybe I'll finally get that chance!
My initial impressions with Torque are a little mixed though. I can immediately see huge potention in the sort of things you can do without even touching the Engine itself... thanks to the built-in scripting language and the World Editor. Given enough time, that's really all you need (tech-wise) to produde a fairly decent game. However, I keep finding myself wishing that I was a 3D modeling guru (I've always wanted to play with Blender!) GG's got a some reasonably priced Content Packs, but It'd be nice if there were some free basic models for a developer to play around with! (A couple of vehicles, a few basic weapons, etc...) Maybe there are... but I haven't found them yet.