Voice Observation

Published on 2006-11-09 21:23:00+00:00

Apparently, I haven't quite beat the flu... or whatever it is that's making me cough. So head over to my local Medical Practitioner and get a nice pharmaceutical conglomeration injected into my hip. Apparently, I could also use some antibiotics, too... so I head over to walgreens and drop off the magical note that lets them know it's OK to give me drugs. I wait several hours, and then I discover that my insurance has rejected a claim... Uhm, OK. So my first thought is "Did someone pull an Office Space maneuver on me and forget to tell me I don't have a job!"
I hope not.So, I call up my Insurance company to see if there's something wrong, and of course, I get an automated system. However, instead of giving me a menu and letting me push a button, I'm greated by a voice that asks me to speak my responses to the menu... (like I'm a dog or something). Some people call this Voice (or Speech) Recognition. I didn't notice much recognizing though. I guess computers aren't designed to interact with people who cough. Basically the transcript of my conversation with the menu went like this:

Menu: Do you need information about Health or Dental insurance?
Me: Health (cough)(cough)
Menu: I'm sorry, please say Health or Dental
Me: Health (I then turn my head away from the phone and cough)
Menu: Please say Health or Dental
Menu: Did you say "Start Over?"
Me: Ahhh!

Menu: Welcome to... *click*

Yeah, I hung up the phone. Well... actually I just hit 0, which normally bypasses the automated system and sends you right to an operator. Unfortunately, their offices were closed. I guess I'll just call tomorrow and try to see why my insurance was cancelled.