wifit - an iwconfig tool

Published on Feb. 8, 2007, 9:09 p.m.

I've recently installed Mepis Linux on a couple of laptops (a Compaq Presario 2195US and a Dell Latitude D610, both of which use NdisWrapper for wifi drivers).I'm fairly mobile, so I needed a way to quickly change my wireless settings. I wrote this simple bash script to let me do that, and I thought I'd just share it.


## wifit - the wifi tool
## This is a script that accepts a wifi-enabled interface,
## essid, and an optional ascii key for a wifi network connection

if [ $# -lt 2 ] || [ $# -gt 3 ] ; then
echo "wifit - the wifi tool"
echo "-------------------------------------------------"
echo "Usage: wifit [Optional: ]"
echo " Example: wifit wlan0 somenet "
echo " Example: wifit wlan0 somenet mypassword "
echo "-------------------------------------------------"
echo "Setting up wifi connection for "
echo "Interface $1, ESSID: $2..."

iwconfig $1 essid $2
iwlist $1 scan
iwconfig $1 mode Managed
if [ -n $3 ] ; then
iwconfig $1 key restricted s:$3
iwconfig $1 key open
iwconfig ap any
iwconfig commit

To use this, just copy and paste the code above into a file named wifit (or wifit.sh, or whatever you want). You'll then need to make that file executable using chmod:
chmod a+x wifit.sh
Then, simply call the script (possibly using sudo) passing it any arguments you need:
sudo ./wifit wlan0 somenetwork

Alternatively, you could place this file in your /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin directories so that it would be included in your PATH. If you find this useful, or if you decide to add to is, feel free to Contact Me!

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