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Published: 2007-09-23

Pygame on OS X with python 2.5

OS Python X

I've used Pygame on Mac OS X in the past, but my installation recently stopped working for some reason, so I decided to grab the binaries and re-install. After checking out the Pythonmac list, I was a little disappointed to see that there were only Pygame binaries for Python 2.4. Below is a list of software that I installed (in the necessary order) to get pygame working with Python 2.5 on OS X. All of these (except ...

Published: 2007-09-15

$100 iPhone Early adopter Credit

There's been a lot of hoop-la about the steep price-drop of the iPhone, and a lot of people have widely ranging opinions about the $100 credit.Well, I (actually, my wife) willingly paid the initial price, and I've been absolutely happy with my iPhone! I also grabbed my $100 credit. All I had to do was hit Apple's website and type in my phone number, and my iPhone's serial number.$100 is $100! Woot!

Published: 2007-09-10

The Never-ending "To-Learn" List

Programming Python

I'm officially a student! August marked the beginning of a new semester for me, and this time I'm a full-time student. After being on the faculty side of things for a while, I'm actually having a great time being a student again. One of the major benefits of being a student is that I'm actually getting to dive into that never-ending list of technology tools that I've been wanting to learn how to use!Just ...

Published: 2007-07-13

Building Apps for the iPhone

iPhone web

So there was this little get-together called iPhoneDevCamp last weekend (July 6-8, 2007), and since I'm just over 2000 miles from San Francisco, I missed out. However, in just under a week, there seems to have been a flood of great iPhone applications. To find out what I mean, just check out a google search, OR, head right on over to the iPhone Application List.So, in such a short time since the iPhone's release, how have so ...

Published: 2007-07-08

iPhone Disappointments

Updated on 2007-07-10(I forgot a couple of things, so I'm adding them below as numbers 1 & 2) Part 3 of my iPhone saga (Part 1 and Part 2)After using the iPhone for a little less than a week, I do have a few disappointments. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's an incredibly cool device. Like my wife said, "It's the greatest thing since sliced bread." I share some of my disappointments with Terry White, who gives a fairly objective review of the iPhone in general.So to cut to the chase, here they are:Limited Tilt... I've found that it's easiest to type on the iPhone when I tilt it sideways (in landscape) However, the app that I type most in (Mail) doesn't let you do this!! In fact, only Safari, Photos, and iPod take advantage of the iPhones accelerometer. Mail, SMS, Google Maps, and Notes (all apps that may require extensive "typing") don't! Hopefully a software update will fix this!Where are the games!? I have to admit that I've already had a few neat ideas for games on the iPhone. Surprisingly, it doesn't come with ANY bundled games. The folks who put on the iPhoneDevCamp may have had some interesting browser-based games, but there's still a lot more you could do with a local app. Only time will tell what will happen for those interested in 3rd party development for the iPhone.Fingerprints!: I'll admit, I'm OC when it comes to fingerprints on my monitor/TV/display, so I'm constantly wiping the iPhone on my shirt.EDGE: OK, nothing wrong with the iPhone itself... the EDGE network (AT&T;'s data network) is just too slow.Ringtones: All that music, and you can't use your tunes as a ringtone!No Video! - While most cell phones give you poor quality video, at least they give you the option to capture video! Not so with the iPhone (yet, I hope)Safari/Google Maps Crash!: This one was a big surprise to ...

Published: 2007-07-04

My wife bought 2 iPhones!!!


I think I'm still in shock. Yesterday, I got a call from my wife. She simply said, "We both have iPhones! I got you the 8Gb model, and I got the 4Gb model..." Yeah... I'm still in shock.So, over the next few days, I've decided to blog about my iPhone fun. First, I'll start with some pictures!So, here we have the iPhone with it's box, and all of the stuff that was include ...

Published: 2007-07-04

Using (and Abusing) the iPhone


OK... so for part 2 of my iPhone saga:We went to visit some family today, and of course I took my iPhone. For the most part, I've really tested out the camera today. I'm no guru, but I'm very happy with how quickly the iPhone takes pictures. Since my girls are now 4 and 2, this is a very important feature!! I've also got an HP Photosmart M527, and my non-scientific opinion is that the ...

Published: 2007-06-16

Compiling Warzone 2100 on Mac OS X

Games OS X

I recently ran across The Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project, and I thought to myself,"cool, I wonder if there's an OS X version..." So, I hit their downloads page only to find the message: "(The MacOSX diskimage will follow soon)"So I thought, "oh well, I'll just grab the source code and compile it!" After about two hours of digging, I finally got it compiled, and here's how! (NOTE: I've got quite a bit of Unix ...

Published: 2007-05-26

Thunder Demons live here!


While walking across campus, I noticed this particular image attached to a large green box that I knew to contain electrical "stuff". Now, I know the dangers of mixing humans with direct electrical current, but I'm not so sure this image evokes the correct message. I'm not sure that a monstrous blob of electricity has ever actually jumped out of a box in order to heinously inflict harm to humans as they unknowingly walk by... I could be ...

Published: 2007-05-22

Easy Video Conferencing?


I just skimmed through the list of PC World's 100 Best Products of 2007, and one of the things that caught my eye was SightSpeed. Apparently it's supposed to be the world's best video conferencing system. What interests me, though is the price (FREE!) and that it works on Mac OS X (and Windows). I'm going to give it a shot and see how it works.