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That's Amazing 2006-12-02

'Tiz the season... so today I went to Wal-Mart to get a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree. I'm still a little amazed at how easy this thing was to assemble when compared to a real tree of the same size. Sure it doesn't smell like a real tree, but I don't have to worry about watering it so that it doesn't become a fire hazard. Besides, the girls really liked it, and that's all that counts! In ...

Voice Observation 2006-11-09

Apparently, I haven't quite beat the flu... or whatever it is that's making me cough. So head over to my local Medical Practitioner and get a nice pharmaceutical conglomeration injected into my hip. Apparently, I could also use some antibiotics, too... so I head over to walgreens and drop off the magical note that lets them know it's OK to give me drugs. I wait several hours, and then I discover that my insurance has rejected a ...

DiskWarrior Rocks! 2006-11-01

...the title says it all. For just less than $90 USD, I've now recovered all of my priceless data for which I did not have the foresight (or time, or means, or whatever) to back up. If you're a Mac user, and you ever have a drive that stops working (or a problem like mine), head over to and purchase a copy.

Flu + HDD crash 2006-10-23

If having the flu wasn't bad enough, I've also had the hard drive in my Mac mini crash... well, not crash exactly, it's just the drive has A Bad Super block, which is enough for tools like Disk Utility and fsck to be useless. Apparently there's a product called Disk Warrior that could do the trick... I may have to try it out.The real tragedy here, though, is that of course, there's data on ...

Torque 2006-10-15

Well, I finally bought an Indie Game License for the Torque Game Engine. Like many young men over the past decade or so, I got into Computer Science thinking I'd like to create video games. Maybe I'll finally get that chance!My initial impressions with Torque are a little mixed though. I can immediately see huge potention in the sort of things you can do without even touching the Engine itself... thanks to the built-in scripting language and ...

Pink for October 2006-10-02

If you visit my site often (or even occasionally), you may have noticed a slight change. Well, it's sorta Pink for October, in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Also, my Mom's running in the Little Rock Race for the Cure... Good Luck!

Peppers! 2006-10-01

Thanks to my grandparents, I'm now in possession of quite a few Capsicum annuum chile peppers! Everybody that knows me, knows that I'm quite of fan of these. I'm guessing it will take me a day or two to eat all of these... I guess we'll see :)

Data Structures 2006-09-28

Well, since I'm teaching a course in Data Structures this semester, I thought that I'd post some of the basic examples that I've given in class. For now, you can find some source code under my Data Structurs Projects Page. All of the code is written in C++ and illustrates some simple data structures using the STL.

Speak like a Pirate Day! 2006-09-19

Avast ye! As it be a day 'fer celebrat'n pirates, ye should be learn'n to speak like one, and then drink like one. So says I, Calico Sam Kidd

OpenCV on Mac OS X 2006-09-06

I finally got arount to compiling OpenCV on my G4 Mac mini. While there is a lot of good information online as to how to do this, there were a few final steps that took me a while to either figure out or find. Apparently using OpenCV on OS X is still a new thing...First of all, follow the directions here at the Mac OS X OpenCV Port Wiki. (Note the two different configure options for Fink and MacPorts ...