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Published: 2006-10-01


Food Fun

Thanks to my grandparents, I'm now in possession of quite a few Capsicum annuum chile peppers! Everybody that knows me, knows that I'm quite of fan of these. I'm guessing it will take me a day or two to eat all of these... I guess we'll see :)

Published: 2006-09-28

Data Structures


Well, since I'm teaching a course in Data Structures this semester, I thought that I'd post some of the basic examples that I've given in class. For now, you can find some source code under my Data Structurs Projects Page. All of the code is written in C++ and illustrates some simple data structures using the STL.

Published: 2006-09-19

Speak like a Pirate Day!


Avast ye! As it be a day 'fer celebrat'n pirates, ye should be learn'n to speak like one, and then drink like one. So says I, Calico Sam Kidd

Published: 2006-09-06

OpenCV on Mac OS X

OpenCV Programming

I finally got arount to compiling OpenCV on my G4 Mac mini. While there is a lot of good information online as to how to do this, there were a few final steps that took me a while to either figure out or find. Apparently using OpenCV on OS X is still a new thing...First of all, follow the directions here at the Mac OS X OpenCV Port Wiki. (Note the two different configure options for Fink and MacPorts ...

Published: 2006-08-18


OpenCV Programming

Those who know me know that I'm a huge proponent of Open Source Software. I use it daily, and the sheer number of quality open source projects just astounds me. The latest to do so is OpenCV, a Computer Vision library originally from Intel.In a few weeks I will take my first steps into the world of computer vision, and like so many times before, an open source project will guide me. Awesome.

Published: 2006-07-28


Fun Linux OS X

I've recently grabbed the latest version of Inkscape, (which resulted in the Spiral) and I just have to say, "WOW". I'd played with the software about a year ago (maybe more), and it's amazing how far it's come. Works perfectly on Windows and Mac OS X (with X11). If you like to use your computer to draw, download Inkscape now!

Published: 2006-07-24


Fun Programming web

Occasionally, I run across some project that's implementing an idea that I've had ... That's the case with YouOS. I think I even wrote a paper about it in 1998, but that's what happens when your lazy (read: too many other things you have to do!)I created an account, and though it was a little slow for my wife's laptop, YouOS is really a very impressive project. Now, all the world needs is a very ...

Published: 2006-07-22

Competition is Good


Well, I've finally grabbed a copy of the IE7 beta, and I have to admit that I'm impressed... although, I recognize features that are present in almost every other browser I've used. So far, I'm pleased to see that IE7 doesn't break too many of the sites that I've built, which make extensive use of CSS. I guess this just goes to show that competition DOES foster innovation.With IE7, I've also got ...

Published: 2006-07-14

Roll your own!


With all the good FOSS CMS software out there (like Drupal and WordPress), I sometimes wonder why I take the time to "roll my own"...For all of you that subscribe to the feed (what, like 0), you might have noticed that it hasn't been updated lately. That's because I wrote some stuff to put by blogs in a database (PostgreSQL! - overkill is good!), but I'm just now finishing it so that the feed gets updated.So ...

Published: 2006-07-11

A Penchant for Circles


Apparently I like Circles, as is evidenced by my latest desktop background. If you've looked through my other background images, you'll notice that I also like a simple, unobtrusive image behind my work. After I created this one, it seemed to remind me of something... and after a little though, I remembered Sacrifice, originally developed by Shiny. I won't go into a long spiel, but it had beautiful graphics, a very interesting interface (once you got the ...