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Scripting! 2006-06-12

I imagine that anybody who actually likes programming is familiar with the many popular scripting languages in use today. Of course, a lot of web devs and sysadmins have been using languages like php, perl, and python for ages, but if you read any tech news (like /.), you'll know that the newest craze is ruby. I've played with it a little, and I can actually see what the hype is all about... It's a neat language, and it has ...

Google Knows Me!! 2006-06-07

Yesterday I discovered that Google knows who I am! This is surprising to me since, for several years, this site has never been displayed when searching for Brad Montgomery! I have a Page Rank of 2! Apparently, I'm currently the 3rd most popular Brad Montgomery, right after Brad Montgomery - The motivational Speaker and his blog (Both have a Page Rank of 4), and Brad Montgomery - The Actor. Surprisingly enough, Brad Montgomery - The Actor, only has a Page ...

Pleonasms... 2006-05-31

Spare me your pleonasms, and I shall strive to do the same! :)

Rosemarie 2006-05-25

Well, Summer's almost here! So, if you're feeling the need to whip yourself back into shape, I know just the person! :-)

OpenLaszlo 2006-05-10

Wow... the Net never ceases to amaze me. I've been a fan of for a while, but I never realized they were using OpenLaszlo! So, after a skimming over the OpenLaszlo site, I ran across a link to which bascially allows you to draw diagrams in your browser. Sweet!